Easy Release

Easy Release Handbrakes and Gearshifts

Designed for drivers with limited hand function, the Handbrake and Gearshift Easy Releases reduce the amount of grip required to move the handbrake and gearshift and eliminates the requirement to depress the button.

Designed for drivers who are unable to operate the accelerator pedal with their right foot, this adaptation allows a driver to operate an accelerator pedal on the left of the brake pedal with their left foot

Handbrake Easy Release

The Handbrake Easy Release easily fits over a standard handbrake and allows the user to engage the button without articulation of the thumb. This allows users who have difficulty flexing their thumb joint an easy alternative to a vehicle with an electric handbrake.

The adaptation also benefits users who find it difficult to grasp and pull a standard handbrake. To apply the handbrake, the standard handbrake easy release can be engaged by simply lifting your hand up when your palm is flat and facing upwards.

Increased mechanical advantage reduces the amount of force required to depress the handbrake button

By using the central webbing fastening system we ensure the handbrake easy release is fully secured to the handbrake with no damage

The Handbrake Easy Release is operated by simply pulling the handle up to engage the handbrake. This eliminates the requirement to grip the handbrake.

The handbrake is released by rocking back the handle to engage the handbrake button and gently lowering the handle

The standard version is operated with the hand flat and the palm facing upwards. The inline version is operated by holding the handle the same way the handbrake is held.