Smart Transfer


Innovative solutions that transfer users from a wheelchair into a standard car seat at the touch of a button

Lifts people onto the standard car seat in virtually any make or model of vehicle
Simple to install, assemble and operate
No extra lifting required
Can lift up to 23.5 stone (149kgs)
Can be used in and around the home with the Autochair Smartbase, ask for details

Why choose the Smart Transfer?

The Smart Transfer is strong, lightweight and versatile, so it is ideal for varying levels and types of disability, comes with different sling sizes and can lift up to 23-and-a-half stone. It can be fitted into almost any vehicle, whether it has three doors or five, and can be used in the home, on holiday or in the office.

Why choose a person hoist?

If you have little or no mobility in your legs but want to continue to enjoy travelling in a regular car seat then a Smart Transfer is a perfect solution. Our lift will lift you gently out of your wheelchair and lower you gently into either the driver or passenger seat.

Standard sling
Double amputee sling
Mesh sling
Fur lined sling