Clarks Comet



Whether you want to use it for nipping to the shops or for putting in the car boot to take on day trips and holidays the streamlined Clarks Comet offers everything you need for simple convenient independence.Suitable for pavements and footpaths• 4 mph top speed• 6 mile range• Compact and wireless frame uniquely splits into two pieces and can be further split into five smaller pieces for effortless lifting• Ultra lightweight• Strong and stable for safety and security• A Delta handlebar shaped to increase comfort and reduce fatigue by enabling you to place your hands in a position which is best for you• Anti-roll back safety system to prevent the scooter from rolling back when executing a hill start• Freewheel lever allowing you to move the scooter without switching on the motor• Puncture-proof tyres for safety and peace of mind• Integrated bumpers• On-board diagnostics• Red finish• 18 st/115 kg maximum user weight• 1 year warranty

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