Steady Spoon


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This uniquely designed spoon allows those who could not ordinarily feed themselves to achieve independence. Five moving parts and counter weights keep the spoon level no matter what the users arm position or level of tremor. The hook and loop strap on the built up handle eliminates the need for strong grasp. The bowl is a standard teaspoon size. Handle 140mm (51/2″) long 32mm (11/4″) diameter. Handle and bowl 240mm (91/2″) long. Strap 127mm (5″) long. Weight 226g. AA5558
Paediatric version available. Bowl is a standard teaspoon size. Handle 114mm (41/2″) long 29mm (11/8″) diameter. Handle and bowl 197mm (73/4″) long. Strap 100mm (4″) long. Weight 200g. AA75502