Pedal Guards

Pedal Guards and Hinged Pedals

Designed to be used in conjunction with our Hand Controls, these adaptations eliminate the risk of the hand control user operating the pedals by mistake.

The hinged pedal also benefits a hand control user by creating significantly more room in the footwell and changing the driving position to move the knees away from the hand controls. This can result in a much improved and more comfortable driving position.

Hinged Pedal

The accelerator pedal is hinged and can be folded up when the hand control is being operated. This frees up space in the footwell and eliminates the risk of the pedal being operated when the hand control is being used.

This additional room created means the space on the right of the brake pedal is equal to that on the left. This allows a driver to stretch out both legs to achieve a much more comfortable drving position and moves the knees away from the hand control.

Only suitable for vehicles with a conventional accelerator pedal.

Download product information booklet

Hand Control Product Booklet (pdf – 849 kB)

Pedal Guard

The pedal guard is a detachable plate which sits in front of the pedals, and obstructs them from involuntary operation.

It is designed to eliminate the risk of operating or obsructing the pedals when the hand control is being used. Available in Standard or Brake Only (used in conjunction with hinged pedal) versions.

Easily removed by unfastening the wing nuts and detaching the guard.

It is not possible to fit a Pedal Guard on all vehicles. If this is an essential requirement please contact us before ordering your vehicle.