Bathing Cushion Bath Lift


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The Bathing Cushion bath lift is simple to use lowering the user gently to the bottom of the bath. Once there they can choose whether to leave a small amount of air in the cushion to act as a back support or release all the air to lie right back and bathe as normal. When bathing is finished the Bathing Cushion can be re-inflated using the Airflo compressor to lift the user steadily back up level with the top of the bath. The Bathing Cushion bath lift is designed to offer increased stability and comfort. Weighing only 2kg (4.4lbs) and featuring a carry handle it is supremely portable making it ideal for taking away on visits or on holiday. It can also be set up or removed in seconds and requires no fixtures or adaptations to an existing bathroom. Note: This product is only suitable for users with good upper body stability. Seat dimensions: Inflated seat height 400m (153/4″); Deflated seat height 20mm (3/4″); Seat width 580mm (223/4″); Seat depth 44cm (171/4″); Weight 2kg. Airflo compressor size: Length 305mm (12″); Width 270mm (101/2″); Height 155mm (6″); Weight 6kg.
Maximum User Weight 153kg 24St