Kings Modular Assessment Kit – 33 Pieces


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This attractive and comprehensive range allows a large amount of bespoke cutlery items to be made from 33 modular pieces. It caters for virtually all needs – economically visually aesthetically and functionally. The range covers: standard angled and specialised utensils; built up slim contoured lightweight and heavyweight handles; and a unique double ended feature to create special utensils for one handed eating or to provide an inconspicuous hand strap. All items are hygienic non-corroding and dishwasher safe. See following pages for the selection of utensils handles and accessories available in the range.
To assemble a cutlery utensil and a handle you simply push the utensil spigot into the hole in the handle. If the handle needs to be built up further sleeves can be added. These must be fitted over the slim handle (AA5543) first and then the handle attached to the utensil spigot in the manner described above. If a double ended utensil is required handles with a hole in both ends are available. The utensils can be rotated to the position required. When using the strap it is placed between the handle and cutlery spigot or end piece.
This kit contains one of each utensil handle and sleeve plus the Kings Button Hook. Ideal for assessing individual patient needs. Supplied in an attractive case with a specific place for each item. AA5548