Prima Aluminium Shower Stool


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Similar in design to the Prima Modular Perching Stools above these modern aluminium shower stools are a stylish addition to any bathroom. Lightweight yet hardwearing they are available as standard shower stools or as perching stools. The shower stools have horizontal seats whilst the perching stools have a seat which is angled forward slightly to assist with rising. Seat size 400 x 430mm (16 x 17″).
Shower Stool Seat height 420 to 570mm (161/2 to 23″). Footprint at highest setting 450 x 480mm (18 x 19″). Weight 2kg.
09 116 7394 Shower Stool with Arms and Back
Perching Stool Seat height at front 480 to 630mm (19 to 25″). Footprint at highest setting 440 x 520mm (171/2 x 201/2″). Weight 2.7kg.
09 116 7378 Perching Stool with Arms and Back
Maximum User Weight 190kg 30St