Wall Mounted Extra Wide Shower Seats Padded Back & Arms


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With a maximum user weight of 222kg (343/4st) and an extra wideseat these shower stools are suitable for a wide range of users.Constructed from a combination of galvanised steel and aluminiumwith a white powder coating to give a durable and attractive finish these seats fold against the wall when not in use. Optional padsare available to provide additional comfort and warmth.The height adjustable legs give a seat height between 440 and560mm (171/4 and 22″). Seat width 615mm (241/4″).Seat depth 400mm (153/4″). Distance from wall 580mm (223/4″).Backrest height from wall bracket 455mm (171/2″).Weight
09 117 1610 Shower Seat 8kg
09 117 1628 Padded Shower Seat 9kg
09 117 1537 Seat with Arms & Backrest 13.8kg
09 117 1602 Seat with Padded Arms & Backrest 15.3kg