Dailee Comfort Pads


The shaped Dailee Comfort pads are the ideal solution for use in both fixation pants and standard underwear. Suitable for men or women, these pads respond to the requirements of those suffering with heavy incontinence, despite living a mobile and relatively active life.

With active odour control, the user can feel secure in going about their day-to-day lives should continence episode occur, and the silky soft feeling means that they are comfortable against the skin at all times.

Plus – 1300ml

Super – 2200ml

Maxi – 2500ml

The Drylock Technology in the Dailee range of continence products means that each pad is incredibly discreet whilst also offering a high level of performance. The innovative fluffless technology is more environmentally friendly (thinner products means less material is used, space is saved and transport requirements are reduced), contains no water, solvents or glue, and is extremely low energy consumption in its production processes. All of which support a modern outlook on environmental manufacturing whilst also producing market-leading, premium products.