Etac® Swift Mobile Tilt


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The Swift Mobile Tilt has a comfortable seat that is both angle and height adjustable. The seat has the same features as the Swift Mobile and includes heel straps as standard to prevent the feet from slipping backwards. The tilt function is easily controlled by a metal bar that runs the full width of the chair enabling the carer to stand to the side of the chair when adjusting the seat angle. This enables the carer and the user to maintain eye contact for better communication. Supplied with adjustable headrest. The seat unit can be angled from +5 to -30 degrees and with a simple adjustment this can be altered to 0 to -35 degrees. Seat height adjustable from 500 to 650mm (193/4 to 251/2″). Under seat clearance 340 to 465mm (131/4 to 181/4″). Width between armrests 480mm (19″). Armrest height above seat 220mm (81/2″). Handle height above seat 490mm (191/4″). External width 580mm (223/4″). External length 940mm (37″). Weight 19.7 kg. 09 131 1356
Maximum User Weight 135kg 21St