HYdrant Drinking Aid


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Dehydration is a well known problem within several areas of healthcare. Where people are bed bound or have limited mobility this means that unless there is an easily accessible source of liquid that they can reach without assistance they are wholly dependent on someone to help them have a drink. This leaves many individuals at risk from the potential health problems brought on by dehydration such as constipation kidney and liver problems urinary tract infections dizziness poor oral health skin conditions bed sores blood pressure problems and lethargy. The Hydrant drinks system has allows those with limited mobility to take a drink whenever they want without assistance reducing the chance of dehydration. The Hydrant is a 1 litre water bottle with an integrated cap and hanging bracket a drinking tube with a bite valve and a small clip to attach the tube to clothing if required. The bottle is hung from the bed chair or wheelchair and the user simply takes hold of the tube inserts the bite valve between their lips then bites and sucks. The bite valve opens under pressure and closes when released so there is no leakage. The ‘Sports’ Hydrant is designed to provide instant access to fluids for those who do not need to use the drinking tube on the original Hydrant.
09 118 4084 Hydrant 1 litre Bottle with Tube
09 118 7236 ‘Sports’ Hydrant 500ml
09 119 0339 ‘Sports’ Hydrant 750ml
09 118 7251 Cleaning Kit

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