Swedish Bath Rail MK11



This popular rail provides a firm handle just above the side of the bath to assist with getting in and out. The handle is angled inwards to be directly over the bath rim. Available in chromed steel or epoxy coated and adjustable in height using a pin clip system. The clamping arms can be adjusted in height and opening width. The bath rim is protected on both sides by non-slip rubber pads. The base plate of the rail must be screwed to the floor. Height of handle 547 to 747mm (211/2 to 291/2″). Height to rim 350 to 590mm (133/4 to 231/4″). Length of handle 175mm (7″). Base plate 25 x 265mm (2 x 101/2″). Weight 2.6kg.
AA1910 Chromed
AA1911 Epoxy

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